Our NGO aims to educate and provide a better future to every child who due to any circumstance can not afford the high prices of private school or coaching institutes. It’s our duty to provide quality education and secure the future to the underprivileged children.

We provide mentorship and education to poor children who can’t gain education due to any cause.

Our fund will be invested at teachers who will be providing education to unprivileged children, better teacher means better education that’s the first reason and the second reason is we will provide funds to NGO who are performing well but they lack at funds , we will provide more information about it in future.

It depends on your capability to donate, it can be any amount from ₹1 to ₹1,00,000 or more.

For donating you will have to go on our website AJA EDUCATION AND FOUNDATION.CO.IN , after going to the home page you will see a donate now button by clicking on the button and filling all your details you can donate the amount.

We have 250+ students currently and we helped 100+ students as of now.

We are working on our aim since January 2022. Our NGO got registered on 14 April 2022 by government.

Not any huge change as we haven’t even complete 1 year yet but yes we are working on it.

You will get a donation receipt via mail.

No we don’t provide any resource material in physical form but yes we provide soft copies in pdf form, but if any student is not capable of purchasing books then we can purchase books for them.

We choose our projects depending on the current situation at hand. We plan out the easiest way to go about a particular problem and according to our capabilities we choose our projects.

AJA does not accept donations in foreign currency yet but we will start accepting them after December 2022.