We aim to educate and provide a better future for every child who due to any circumstance cannot afford private school or coaching institutes. Our main focus is on the under privileged children as they represent a large portion of the student population.

We believe that education is a fundamental right for every child, and hence we aim to provide the same for all. We do not differentiate between caste, creed or religion when it comes to providing education.


  • The core Mission of AJA Education and Foundation is to focus on reaching out to the poor children who due to poverty are not receiving their valuable education and guiding them in their way for a better future.
  • We also aim to easily provide funds to other NGOs to help them grow.
  • We thrive to successfully reach our goals and be a reason for the happy smiles on the faces of every child of our country.


Avail 50% tax exemption under Section 80G (5)(IV) of Income tax Act 1961

Dear Donors, Please Note

  • Funds are directly spent on educating an underprivileged child across Bharat.
  • All Tax exemptions, receipts and documents will be provided. Email for assistance.
  • You may cease donations at time if so required. Our support team will help.


Feedback From Our Students

We are committed to helping every student succeed, and to ensuring that they have the opportunity to access a quality education. At this moment, our students share their thoughts about our school and how it has helped them get where they are now.